Maximize Recovery, Minimize pain



Unique Cupping

AcheFly Cupper allows you to unlock the full potential of your body and live pain-free

Smart Massage

Offering suction of 4 different modes and 5 intensity levels, Cupper serves as your personal massage therapist and tailors a massage to your own needs.

Heat & Red light therapy

A good aid in pain, inflammation, bringing faster results in healing skin and muscle tissue as well as creating more relaxation.

Advanced therapy technology in your pocket

Achefly Electric cupper - the smart cupping therapy rechargeable massager
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Experience how world-class recovery technology can help elite athletes achieve their goals.

  •  It increases blood circulation in the cupping area and gives fast recovery
  • Relieves muscle pain and creates a more relaxed state to increase muscular strength

  • Technology that reduces inflammation and pain and increases mobility and range of motion

  • The cost of the service is refundable if it doesn't work!

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    Achefly Benefits

    Strengthening body’s resistance and immune system

    Clearing out the stagnations and creating energy flow

    loosening muscles and helping prevent muscle spasms

    Restoring balance between positive & negative forces

    Eliminating chronic fatigue synodrome caused by physical and mental overload

    Recovering back problems and other general body pains


    The Future of Cupping Therapy

    According to pictographic records, the ancient Egyptians invented cupping around 1500 B.C , while some claim the Chinese invented it . Enhance your rehabilitation with a known and proven method of therapy. Achefly provides not only the benefits of cupping, but EMS, Heating, and Red Light Therapy. The combination of these methods provides us with one of the most holistically sound therapy devices around.

    Dynamic Cupping Technology

    Rhythmic alternation of suction and release. boosting blood circulation & speeding up the recovery process.

    EMS Therapy

    5 adjustable levels of 36/40/44/48/54V. It can be utilized as a strength training tool for healthy subjects and a post-exercise recovery tool for athletes.

    Smart Massage

    4 different suction modes and 4 intensity levels. Serving as your personal therapist for your needs.

    Heating Therapy

    5 adjustable levels of 38/40/43/45/48°C. It can accelerate the healing of subcutaneous inflammation. Promoting your blood circulation and detoxification.

    Red Light Therapy

    A good aid in muscle pain and inflammation. Bringing faster results in healing skin and muscle tissue.

    Intelligent Timing Control

    A setting 10-minute period of treatment can well relieve your body pain and fatigue while avoiding the skin burn when the cup stays on skin for too long.

    Customer Reviews

    I am a massage therapist that uses cups everyday and this cup is amazing!
    It’s good for clients and also for the therapist themself ...

    Ahmad Gouse★★★★★

    I love to use this cupper on my clients. Most people haven’t seen a product like this yet so it’s a whole new experience.

    Raphael M.★★★★★

    I love it! As a fitness trainer and sports massage therapist. This is as good as the real cupping if not better. I can use it on my own and it does help in the relief of tense areas.

    Michael A.★★★★★

    Arrive very quick. Very nice unit. Works great. Recommend to anyone needs a massage

    Gina S.★★★★★

    Going to buy two more for myself

    James S.★★★★★

    so simple so use work so good and worth the price i have it for 2 months

    Shadi R.★★★★★

    About AcheFly

    Maximize Recovery, Minimize pain

    AcheFly cupping device is a multi-functional massager, which combines the ancient Chinese Medical Therapy practice of moxa, cupping, gua sha, kneading, or the acupressure massage via Modern Technological Innovation of EMS, TENS, red light therapy, heat therapy and topical negative pressure in one device.

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